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Kiranmayi Abburi
Senior R&D Manager, Hexagon; Manufacturing Intelligence division, Hamburg, Germany


As a Senior R&D Manager, I develop innovative and pertinent software solutions/products to address the ever-growing needs/challenges of the industrial manufacturing landscape. I am a mother of a teenager who humbles me every day and makes me realize that compassion & kindness are never replaced by intellect and brilliance.

Why I Chose Aakkam?

I have come to realize that what makes us human is our ability to have compassion, and empathy toward the whole creation. Education helps people become actualized in their own individual way. Aakkam foundation is a testimony that every life in this world matters and we all are in this together. This is my way of doing something that makes me truly happy as i make new bonds, touch, and be touched by move lives. In a nutshell “Living life to the fullest”

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