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Nithi Angamuthu
Manager IT Technology Value Delivery. St. Petersburg, USA


I play a crucial role in strategically aligning IT/OT resources to drive competitive advantage, foster business innovation, and enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency. By leveraging our existing resources, capabilities, and emerging technologies, I facilitate the achievement of these objectives. I accomplish this through effective portfolio management, program management, and demand management practices to maximize overall value and impact.

Why I Chose Aakkam?

Embracing a purpose-driven existence, characterized by a strong sense of direction, well-defined goals, and a values-based approach, has always been my personal pursuit. I believe in creating a life that is fulfilling and meaningful, where my actions align with my deepest beliefs. Aakkam offers me a unique platform to transcend the limitations of my daily routine and operate within a broader domain, enabling me to make a far-reaching impact beyond the boundaries of my everyday life.

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