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Udhaya Kumar
Civil/Resident Engineer, Muscat, Oman


I have 7 years of in-depth work experience on highways, irrigation, and dam construction projects. Almost 15 years of consulting expertise on projects involving a water reclamation plant, Manufacturing facilities, and an upgrade of seawater intake pumping station for common cooling water systems. At the national and international levels. I have successfully finished about ten projects. I adore cooking, I like to travel, and I actively organize get-togethers for my family and friends. I have strong enthusiasm for sports like Cricket, Badminton, and Kabaddi. I have a positive outlook on life and am passionate about working on projects that provides social services to the general public.


Why I Chose Aakkam?

I was born in a rural area of Tamil Nadu, close to Coimbatore, without access to essential services like transportation, education, or other necessities of life. I am fortunate to have a maternal uncle who inspired and supported me in my studies, and many of my friends also contributed financially and morally to the completion of my engineering degree. While my hometown hamlet has made some progress, many other small villages still lack the most basic amenities, particularly in the area of education. This encouraged me to participate actively in the Aakkam foundation. The major goal is to provide every child with basic needs through Aakkam schools in rural Tamil Nadu and around the world which can help future generations to live in a better world.

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