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Our Testimonials

Nithi Angamuthu

Manager IT, Peabody Energy

Embracing a purpose-driven existence, characterized by a strong sense of direction, well-defined goals, and a values-based approach, has always been my personal pursuit. I believe in creating a life that is fulfilling and meaningful, where my actions align with my deepest beliefs. Aakkam offers me a unique platform to transcend the limitations of my daily routine and operate within a broader domain, enabling me to make a far-reaching impact beyond the boundaries of my everyday life.

Ram Venkatesan

Deputy General Manager - North Kern Water Storage District

As the famous proverb goes “It needs a village to raise a child”, and Aakkam provides me the oppurtunity to allow me to help the community that played a role in who I am today. Giving your time, knowledge, and/or money to help create a positive change to others life that helps build stronger community provides me immense joy and fulfills the meaning of life

Udhay Iyyasamy

Resident Engineer, AAW Consulting Engineers & Partners

I hail from a rural area near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, where essential services were scarce. Thankfully, my maternal uncle’s guidance and support, along with financial and moral assistance from friends, enabled me to complete my engineering degree. Witnessing the persistent lack of amenities, especially in education, in many villages inspired me to join the Aakkam Foundation. 

Madhu SUbramanian

Founder & Chief Executive Officer Transcend Digital

“Aram Seiya Virumbu” has been a core philosophy and a driving force throughout my life. The opportunity to give back to our community through Aakkam foundation is a blessing.

Yoganand Dhayanandham

Lead Engineer, Vinfast

The life which i have now is because of my parents, gurus, well wishers and mainly my college friends and staffs. So i want to be a reason at least in someone’s success. I feel Aakkam foundation is a great opportunity for me in this birth to do something useful to the society.
Tanvi Dutta

Data Analyst, Optum - United Health Group

Choosing to be part of Aakkam aligns with the wisdom of the proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ Aakkam offers me the opportunity to give back to the community that has played a pivotal role in shaping who I am today. Contributing time, knowledge, and/or resources to facilitate positive change in others’ lives, thereby building a stronger community, brings me immense joy and adds depth to the meaning of life.

Janani Viyas

Entrepreneur – Kids Books

I firmly believe that every child deserves access to basic needs within the educational environment. That’s why I am passionate about supporting Aakkam, as it fulfills this crucial mission. To me, a school represents not just education but also emotion. Through Aakkam, I have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of children, and that brings me great joy

Kavitha Venkatesan

Director Of Engineering, at Akamai Technologies

Aakkam gives me an opportunity to give back to society and to help touch lives in ways meaningful to them and to me. With Aakkam, you exactly know where every bit of your donation goes and it is incredibly fulfilling to see your donation and efforts change lives.

Kiranmayi Abburi

Senior R&D Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

I have come to realize that what makes us human is our ability to have compassion, and empathy toward the whole creation. Education helps people become actualized in their own individual way. Aakkam Foundation is a testimony that every life in this world matters and we all are in this together. This is my way of doing something that makes me truly happy as I make new bonds, touch, and be touched by more lives. In a nutshell “living life to the fullest”

Abiram Angamuthu

Assistant Professor, Karunya Institute of Technology

My pursuit to live a life for a bigger purpose has been fulfilled by Aakkam Foundation. Being Part of Aakkam makes me happy as I get to work on projects that create a larger impact on kids and people in need. Here I am able to build my ideas into life-changing projects and collaborate with like-minded individuals as we create a new promising future for the younger generations.

Ravishankar P

SAP Delivery Head, KGISL

My passion lies in serving humanity, and being a part of Aakkam allows me to fulfill this by serving deserving children. It brings me immense joy to contribute to their well-being and growth

Sundari N

RPA Expert, TCS

I feel proud to choose aakkam, especially considering the necessity of education for underprivileged children who attend government schools without having adequate resources and support. The impact we create in others’ lives is vital in our own lives. Fulfilling this sense of meaningful duty forms the stronger community for making such an impact. Choosing to be part of aakkam offers me a great privilege to align myself with giving back to society based on this responsibility.