Create Your Living Legacy

Our Accomplishments


Brought color and joy to the lives of 131 children by transforming the school into a vibrant learning hub by painting educational, creative, and interactive stuff thereby cultivating creativity and promoting imagination in guiding young minds on a journey of artistic discovery.


Empowering 521 young kids, our foundation donated computers to help kids develop essential digital skills and enhance their technological proficiency for a bright digital future ahead.

Water purifier

AAKKAM has made a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of 524 children, providing access to clean drinking water through water purifiers, and safeguarding them from waterborne illnesses and diseases.

Stationary products

We supported the education of 730 children with the tools they need to succeed, providing essential stationery products to help them stay focused in their educational journey.

Play items

Donated engaging toys and activities to 569 kids to help kids develop essential skills like problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration through play based learning.


Helped 1280 children sit comfortably and focus on their education by donating essential chairs to the schools and promoting a positive and supporting learning atmosphere.


Supported the education of 719 students by donating wooden-legged tables to schools, providing a stable and comfortable learning space for kids.


Enhanced the educational experience of 390 students by installing fans, ensuring a well-ventilated and cool space that promotes creativity, and overall wellbeing.


Enabled 323 children to make a lasting impact, providing printers that allow them to create and share impressions, inspiring them to turn their imagination into reality and shaping their future.


AAKKAM helped 1368 individuals organize and secure their dreams by providing cabinets, offering a safe and structured space to store and pursue their aspirations.