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About Us

Aakkam Foundation is a compassionate and tightly knit community of individuals united by a shared vision: to create a positive impact on the lives of children, women, and society as a whole. Our platform brings together people from diverse backgrounds, fostering unity and harmony in pursuit of a noble cause. We firmly believe that genuine acts of charity begin within oneself, driven by a sense of personal fulfillment. At Aakkam, we have nurtured a family of passionate individuals who collaborate actively to address social issues and support one another in their mission to give back to society. Together, we strive to create a better world and uplift the lives of those in need. By dedicating our time, resources, expertise, and skills, we strengthen our collective desire to make a difference, leaving a meaningful legacy for future generations.

Our Vision

Our vision at Aakkam Foundation is to empower and uplift the socioeconomic status of children, individuals in need, and the wider community. Through our unwavering commitment, we aim to bring about positive change by providing comprehensive support in the form of financial resources, physical assistance, and intellectual guidance. By addressing the multifaceted needs of those we serve, we strive to create a society where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive. Together, we aspire to foster sustainable progress, improve livelihoods, and create a brighter future for all.

Our Mission

Our mission at Aakkam Foundation is to make a profound investment in the lives of children, individuals in need, and the wider community. By providing them with the necessary resources, support, and opportunities, we aim to empower them to become agents of lasting change within their own lives and communities. Through our unwavering commitment to their growth and development, we strive to unlock their full potential, foster self-sufficiency, and create a positive ripple effect that transcends generations. Together, we believe in building a future where every individual, regardless of their circumstances, has the ability to shape a brighter and more prosperous community.

Our Story

During the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, a remarkable endeavor took shape – one that would bring about positive change for society without even stepping outside our homes. It all began with an abundance of time during the lockdown, which led to virtual reunions among friends. As we reminisced about old times, a common thread emerged from those conversations: the desire to give back to the community that had played a vital role in our personal growth.

During those virtual calls, numerous ideas were exchanged, and from those passionate brainstorming sessions, the seed of AAKKAM Foundation was sown.

It was born out of a shared vision to make a difference and a collective determination to channel our efforts towards supporting rural schools in need of essential educational infrastructure and sports-related resources.

Pooling our resources and funds, the foundation’s initial efforts were directed towards helping these underserved schools. As time went on, more like-minded individuals joined Team Aakkam, each contributing their unique skills, experiences, and passion to support the foundation’s mission. Together, we embarked on a journey that expanded beyond the realm of education, encompassing a wide range of social needs.

Through the dedication and commitment of our growing team, the Aakkam Foundation has continued to evolve, becoming a beacon of hope and a force for positive change. We strive to address the pressing social issues that affect our communities, working tirelessly to uplift and empower those in need.

As our journey continues, we remain steadfast in our resolve to create a brighter future for all. With every step forward, we are fueled by the belief that collective action, even in the face of challenging circumstances, has the power to transform lives and build a more compassionate and inclusive society.

Aakkam Family

By joining the Aakkam Family, you become an integral part of a dynamic global network comprised of forward-thinking individuals. Aakkam serves as a platform where you can forge meaningful connections, build your own community of friends, and actively contribute to the foundation’s projects aligned with your personal interests.

Being a member of Aakkam offers more than just networking opportunities. It provides you with a chance to collaborate and socialize with like-minded individuals from diverse international family groups, all working towards the common goal of achieving their aspirations and making a positive impact in the world.

Through this extensive network, you can expand your horizons, exchange ideas, and leverage collective expertise to propel your personal and professional growth. Together, we empower each other to pursue our goals, realizing our full potential while fostering meaningful relationships along the way.

Join Aakkam today and unlock a world of possibilities, where you can create your own supportive family of friends, engage in impactful projects, and connect with members of international family groups, all united in the pursuit of achieving shared dreams and aspirations.

Aakkam is Unique

Aakkam stands out as a unique organization because we firmly believe that every individual possesses their own unique dream or vision for creating a better world. We recognize that these aspirations are powerful drivers of change and deserve to be nurtured and realized. What sets Aakkam apart is our unwavering commitment to providing a platform that empowers individuals to transform their dreams into reality.

Unlike many other organizations, Aakkam recognizes the inherent value in every individual’s vision for positive change. We understand that each person’s dream carries immense potential to make a meaningful impact on society. As a result, we strive to create an environment where these dreams are not only acknowledged but also actively supported and encouraged.

Aakkam offers a comprehensive platform that enables individuals to take concrete steps towards fulfilling their aspirations. We provide the necessary resources, guidance, and opportunities to turn these dreams into tangible actions that create a positive and lasting impact. Whether it’s through mentorship, legal advice, funding support, or access to a global network of progressive thinkers, Aakkam ensures that individuals have the tools they need to transform their visions into reality.

Furthermore, Aakkam recognizes that every dream is unique, and we embrace the diversity of ideas and passions within our community. We celebrate individuality and encourage our members to pursue their specific dreams and visions, whether they focus on education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, or any other area that aligns with making the world a better place.

In summary, what makes Aakkam truly unique is our unwavering belief in the power of individual dreams and our commitment to providing a platform that empowers individuals to bring these dreams to life. We are dedicated to supporting and guiding our members on their journey to creating positive change, and we strive to foster an environment where each dream is valued, celebrated, and transformed into a meaningful reality.

Benefits of being a part of Aakkam

At Aakkam, we firmly believe in the power of dreams and visions to drive positive change in the world. We provide everyone with the opportunity to transform their aspirations into impactful actions that benefit others. As a charity organization, we empower our members by offering comprehensive support in various forms. Firstly, we provide mentorship and guidance, ensuring that individuals have the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate their philanthropic journey. Our experienced mentors offer valuable insights, helping our members refine their ideas, develop effective strategies, and overcome challenges along the way. Additionally, we understand the importance of legal advice in executing charitable initiatives. Therefore, we extend our support by providing legal guidance, ensuring compliance with regulations, and fostering transparency and accountability in our members’ endeavors. Furthermore, we recognize that financial resources are often essential to turn dreams into reality. To this end, Aakkam provides funding support to our members, enabling them to implement their projects and initiatives within their own communities. We strive to make funding accessible, empowering individuals to create positive change without being hindered by financial constraints. Through our holistic approach, encompassing mentorship, legal advice, and funding support, we aim to unlock the potential within everyone and amplify their impact on their communities. Together, we foster a culture of compassion, collaboration, and sustainable change, as we work towards building a better future for all. Aakkam provides its members with a unique opportunity to join a global network of like-minded individuals, enabling them to fulfill their dreams and career aspirations. Through our extensive network of experts from around the world, we foster collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and support. However, Aakkam is more than just a network; we are a closely-knit family. As a member of Aakkam, you become part of a larger family that is committed to supporting and nurturing one another. Our inclusive and supportive environment gives you a profound sense of belonging, as you engage with progressive thinkers and change-makers who share a common goal of creating a better world for future generations. Being a part of Aakkam means evolving alongside individuals who are dedicated to making a positive impact. You will have the opportunity to work closely with individuals who possess diverse perspectives, skills, and expertise, enriching your own growth and development. Together, we strive to create a meaningful legacy by collectively driving positive change and shaping a brighter future. Join Aakkam and experience the power of a united family that empowers you to thrive, evolve, and make a significant difference in the world.

Meet Our Team


Manager IT Technology Value Delivery. St. Petersburg, USA


Civil/Deputy General Manager California, USA


Entrepreneur – Dealing with Kids Books, Chennai Tamil Nadu, India


IT Consulting Firm, Founder. Chennai Tamil Nadu, India


Design Systems Engineering Lead, Chennai Tamil Nadu, India


Information Technology Analyst, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India


Civil/Resident Engineer, Muscat, Oman


Senior Member at Aakkam Foundation